The “No Stress” pattern book

Being beautiful, feeling beautiful, there is a Narcissus inside us.
A beautiful catalogue, a clear price list, a captivating website, an unquestionably high-impact box and a pleasant and practical pattern book: the image of a company passes through the consistency of all these communication tools. IDEA CAMPIONARI knows and has always known this: it aims at being a point of reference for the companies to find the best solution for the presentation of textiles which are just the samples of materials. The submission of practical ideas experimented for more than ten years and the collaboration with partner design studios or the support to companies’ ones are the best guarantee to obtain an avant-garde pattern book.
The motto of IDEA CAMPIONARI (The “No Stress” pattern book) is not fortuitous and it is the synthesis of the “Mission” of the company, too: be the only interlocutor for the customer during the whole development of the pattern book. The analysis of the project, the management of materials and their supports, the silk-screen printing interventions, the co-ordination of printing and paper processing industry activities: in brief, the integrated management of the different manufacturing processes to supply the customer with the pattern book. With no stress!